Mrs. Hilda E. Bretzlaff, widow of Mr. Herbert W. Bretzlaff Sr. had expressed her desire to commit to promoting high moral values through conservative education in the United States and England. It was her wish, upon her death in 1993, that a foundation be established to fulfill this commitment.

Her vision was to provide scholarships and financial assistance to conservative, moral, creative and ambitious students engaged in conservative education, who demonstrate a financial need. In addition, will continue to prove to be a credit to the United States. In turn, these recipients would be dedicated to contributing to the improvement of the society in which they live.

Mr. and Mrs. Bretzlaff exhibited a great love for their American freedoms. They embraced and promoted the idea of a conservative society where there is the freedom to pursue democratic principles, a free economic system and capitalistic principles.

The importance of creativity and ambition were demonstrated by Mr. Bretzlaff in his success as a self starting automotive sales engineer and his involvement in several automotive component patents. Mr. Bretzlaff, a prominent figure during the infancy of the automotive industry, found success as a sales engineer in the area of automotive lamps and electrical components. He was an initial and than active stock holder in Genuine Parts Company and served on multiple company boards.

Mrs. Bretzlaffa women of high integrity, embraced a free market and capitalistic society. It was her wish to assist students possessing high moral and conservative character with their education endeavors so that they would become responsible citizens, dedicated to improving and preserving moral and democratic standards in both the United States and England. To this end, the Hilda E. Bretzlaff Foundation was established.